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TAS Systemic Advocacy Objectives

Systemic Advocacy Objectives describe the objectives TAS will pursue to address systemic issues causing taxpayer burden or harm. Similar to the way Most Serious Problems are identified in the Annual Report to Congress, the National Taxpayer Advocate calls upon a multitude of sources to assist in identifying Systemic Advocacy Objectives including the experience of TAS staff, trends in advocacy efforts and TAS casework, and interactions with practitioners and external stakeholders.

TAS’s Systemic Advocacy Objectives for FY 2022 are:

  1. Improve IRS Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention Strategies
  2. Collaborate With the IRS in the Development of Its Training Strategy to Enhance the Taxpayer Experience
  3. Expand the Functionality of Online Account Services for Taxpayers and Practitioners
  4. Expand Technology Capabilities and Access to Customer Service
  5. Provide Taxpayers a Better Understanding of IRS Processes and Procedures by Promoting Detailed and Timely IRS Transparency
  6. Improve Taxpayer Access to Digital Communication Options and Permit Digital Signatures
  7. Mitigate the Impact of the 2021 Filing Season Challenges and Refund Delays
  8. Minimize Refund Delays for Taxpayers Whose Legitimate Returns Are Delayed by IRS Fraud Filters
  9. Expand Electronic Filing Capabilities
  10. Provide Administrative Appeal Rights to Taxpayers Requesting Abatement and Include Additional Status Information on the Where’s My Amended Return Tool
  11. Analyze Math Errors Attributable to the 2020 Recovery Rebate Credit/Economic Impact Payments to Eliminate Future Recovery Rebate Credit Errors During 2021
  12. Monitor the IRS’s Recovery for the Unemployment Compensation Exclusion
  13. Assist Taxpayers Who Experience Changes Relating to the Child Tax Credit During 2021
  14. Improve Correspondence Audit Communications and Focus on High Default Rates for Taxpayers With Adjusted Gross Incomes Below $50,000
  15. Identify Potential Collection Barriers for Low-Income Taxpayers
  16. Continue Advocacy Efforts to Correct Erroneous Collection Statute Expiration Dates Due to Pending Installment Agreements
  17. Increase Taxpayer Participation in the Offer in Compromise Program
  18. Mitigate the Unintended Effects of the 2020 and 2021 Filing Season Postponements on Timely Filed Refund Claims
  19. Improve Timeliness of Tentative Allowance Refunds During National Emergencies
  20. Advocate for Efficiencies and Additional IRS Resources to Timely Process Individual Taxpayer Identification Number Applications
  21. End Systemic Assessment of International Information Return Penalties That Harm Taxpayers and Burden the IRS
  22. Advocate for Improved Voluntary Disclosure Practice to Reduce Taxpayer Uncertainty and Encourage Participation

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