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Systemic Advocacy Management System (SAMS)

Know of a tax problem that affects more than one taxpayer?

You can help the Taxpayer Advocate Service tackle the “big-picture” problems in the IRS or the tax law by reporting them to us. These systemic issues:

  • Always affect multiple taxpayers;
  • Don’t apply to just one taxpayer (but if you personally have an unresolved IRS problem, TAS may be able to help);
  • Involve IRS systems, policies, and procedures;
  • Involve protecting taxpayer rights, reducing burden, ensuring fair treatment, or providing essential taxpayer services.

Read our FAQs for additional information on submitting systemic issues.

How can I report one of these issues?

Use the button below to submit your issue on our Systemic Advocacy Management System (SAMS). SAMS is a database of issues and information reported by IRS employees and the public. (If you’re an IRS employee, please use the internal version of SAMS on the IRS intranet).

You’ll be asked to describe the issue briefly and provide your name, telephone number and email address. Do not include any personal taxpayer information like your social security number. You are limited to 2,000 characters to describe your issue.

The information entered is transmitted over a non-secure channel. The input of your name and contact information is strictly voluntary and will not be stored, shared, sold or used for any purpose except as may be required by law. We require your email address in order to reply to your submission or clarify the issue.

To submit an issue, please press the button below. Each submission will be reviewed, researched and shared for appropriate advocacy actions. You will only be contacted regarding this submission if we need clarification of the issue or need additional examples; and when we have determined how we will use the information provided in our advocacy efforts. Thank you for your submission and reporting the potential systemic issue via the SAMS program.

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