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Can TAS help me with my tax issue?

If you are having tax problems and have not been able to resolve them with the IRS, the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) may be able to help you. Please answer just a few brief questions to determine if TAS can help you with your tax issue. Generally, we help taxpayers whose tax issues fall into one of these main categories. Select the topic below to learn more:

      • Financial HardshipFinancial Hardship (Economic burden) is when you are experiencing financial difficulty. These cases will fall under Reasons 1-4 (see below). You'll need to describe the hardship that is causing an economic burden, and you may be required to provide documentation to verify the hardship.
      • IRS System IssueIRS System Issue is when an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) process, system, Internal Revenue Code (IRC) or procedure has failed to operate properly. These cases will fall under Reasons 5-7 (see below). These cases may affect one or several taxpayers.
      • Fair & Equitable TreatmentTAS will help ensure that you receive fair and equitable treatment and that your rights as a taxpayer are protected.

Note: While the results of the TAS qualifier tool may indicate if TAS can help you with your tax issue, the final determination will be made by one of our Advocates.

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TAS Qualifier Tool

Note: TAS cannot accept refund delay assistance requests for tax returns that are in suspense, including requests for assistance made through the Systemic Advocacy Management System (SAMS).

TAS may be able to Help You

Find out if TAS can help you based on one of these reasons

Find out if TAS can help you by answering some questions about your situation.

Select the category below that applies to you, to begin.


Reasons TAS Can Help You

Reason 1 - 4

Financial Hardship issues are those involving a financial difficulty to a taxpayer, or an IRS action or inaction has caused or will cause negative financial consequences, or have a long-term adverse impact on a taxpayer.


Reason 1

You are experiencing financial hardship or you are about to suffer financial hardship.


Reason 2

You are facing an immediate threat of negative action.


Reason 3

You will incur significant costs if relief is not granted (including fees for professional representation).


Reason 4

You will suffer irreparable injury or long-term adverse impact if relief is not granted.

Reason 5 - 7

IRS System issues are those in which an IRS process, system, or procedure has failed to operate as intended, and as a result the IRS has failed to timely respond to or resolve a taxpayer issue.


Reason 5

You have experienced a delay of more than 30 days to resolve a tax account problem.


Reason 6

You have not received a response or resolution to the problem or inquiry by the date promised.


Reason 7

An IRS system or procedure has either failed to operate as intended, or failed to resolve your problem or dispute with the IRS.

Reason 8 - 9

TAS works to ensure you receive fair and equitable treatment and that your rights are protected.


Reason 8

TAS may help you if the manner in which the tax laws are being administered raise consideration of equity, or impair your taxpayer rights.


Reason 9

The National Taxpayer Advocate determines if compelling public policy warrants assistance to an individual or group of taxpayers.

Under this reason, TAS assistance is determined by the National Taxpayer Advocate and will generally be based on a unique set of circumstances warranting assistance to certain taxpayers.

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