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TAS Systemic Advocacy Objectives

TAS’s Systemic Advocacy Objectives for FY 2024 are:

  1. Protect Taxpayer Rights as the IRS Implements Its Strategic Operating Plan
  2. Protect Taxpayer Privacy and Ensure the IRS Does Not Disclose Taxpayer Information Without Consent
  3. Improve Correspondence Audit Processes, Taxpayer Participation, and Agreement and Default Rates
  4. Implement Systemic First Time Abatement But Allow Substitution of Reasonable Cause
  5. Reduce Burden on Taxpayers Applying for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
  6. Formalize 45-Day Response Time From All IRS Functions to Recommendations Made by the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel
  7. Eliminate Systemic Assessments and Offer a First Time Abatement Waiver for International Information Return Penalties
  8. Modernize IRS Paper Processing Procedures
  9. Continue to Propose Simplification of the Tax Code and IRS Procedures to Reduce Taxpayer Compliance Burden
  10. Improve IRS Hiring, Recruitment, and Training Strategies
  11. Improve Taxpayer Access to Telephone and Face-to-Face Assistance
  12. Increase Accessibility and Improve Functionality of Digital Services for Individual and Business Taxpayers and Tax Professionals
  13. Improve Tax Return Processing by Eliminating Barriers to E-Filing
  14. Improve IRS Transparency
  15. Identify Data to Support Minimum Competency Standards for Paid Return Preparers of Federal Tax Returns
  16. Improve the Staffing and Culture of the IRS Independent Office of Appeals
  17. Reduce Compliance Barriers for Overseas Taxpayers

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