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Published:   |   Last Updated: February 8, 2024

TAS Tax Tip: Need help resolving a tax amount owed or finding the right payment option?

Resolving amount owed

Got a tax bill for your federal tax return? We have resources to help you resolve it.

  • Is the amount due on the tax bill accurate?
  • If yes, see our group of payment options under our Paying Taxes Get Help pages. Start with the I Can’t Pay My Taxes Here you can see information about and steps to follow if you:
    • Can pay the full amount now or can pay it within 120 days
    • Need to make monthly payments
    • Want to apply for an Offer in Compromise that may allow you to pay less than the full amount you owe
    • Can’t make any sort of payment now

You can also visit IRS’s Payments page for payment options or see this Tax Time Guide: Electronic tax payment and agreement options available to taxpayers who owe.

If the amount owed is only due to penalties and interest, see our TAS Tax Tips: Why Do I Owe a Penalty and Interest and What Can I Do About It? for steps to follow.

If you have a balance due, don’t delay in trying to resolve it. Sometimes, the timing of your actions is very important and you don’t want to miss a deadline and lose certain taxpayer rights.

This Get Help page can guide you through the steps to take if:

  • Someone has stolen your identity
  • Your IRS account doesn’t show all payments you made to the IRS
  • You need to make a change to a tax return you’ve already filed
  • You filed a tax return with your spouse and all or part of your refund was applied to a debt only your spouse owes
  • You owe tax because your spouse didn’t report deductions or didn’t include income on your joint tax return
  • The person who prepared your tax return changed your tax return information without your permission

If the IRS sent you a notice about something being incorrect on your 2021 return, see our TAS Tax Tip: What if I receive an IRS notice that says something is wrong with my 2021 tax return? or our Issues & Errors Get Help topic pages. Also check the IRS’s Help for taxpayers and tax professionals: Special filing season alerts page for special alerts related to current year tax return processing issues.

For more updates from the Taxpayer Advocate Service, visit the news and information center to read the latest tax tips, blogs, alerts, and more.