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Tax Forum Documentation Instructions

Below are instructions for providing the required documentation for your Case Resolution Room appointment.

At a minimum, you must provide your completed Form 13989 and valid Form 2848 or 8821. You should also include any additional documents needed to resolve your concern.

(Documents will not be reviewed or considered without an appointment.)

Upload Your Documents

You may securely upload your documents to Taxpayer Advocate Service online:

Please Select YES to the question- Do you have an open case with the Taxpayer Advocate Service?
Please Use Reference Code: TAX FORUM


Fax Your Documents

You may Fax your Case Resolution documents to 855-738-7613


Email Your Documents

You may choose instead to send your Case Resolution documents via Email to TAS at TAS.TaxForum@irs.gov
(NOTE: We do not consider email a secured method to transmit sensitive data and we will not respond via email)


In Person

If you are unable to provide the documentation electronically you must stop by the Case Resolution Room a minimum of 3 hours in advance of your appointment to have your documents scanned in.

If your appointment is Tuesday morning, we will have a booth setup near registration on Monday from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM where we can scan your documents.

Failure to provide your documents in advance may result in a cancelation of your appointment.