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Pre-Filing Season Events

Want to avoid common tax errors that could cause processing delays this filing season, including refund delays? Find out how by joining us at one of our events.

If you prepare your own federal tax return, whether it’s through software or on paper, come visit us before you file for even more tips than are featured in this short video.


Thousands of people struggle through the IRS processes each year. Our Taxpayer Roadmap shows what a complex and confusing journey it can be if your tax return has errors.

Simply join us at a time convenient for you and let us put our 20+ years of advocacy experience with the IRS to work for you. We will be sharing our best advice through tax tips to help you avoid common filling errors and unnecessary refund delays this season.

All events are free to join.

We hope our tax filing tips helped you during this filing season. Check back here in December 2022 to find new events for next year’s filing season.


Can’t make one of these events?

If you are unable to join us at one of the events listed above, don’t worry. You can view similar tax tips on our website. You can also watch for more tax tip topics and other tax news all year long.

Avoid Refund Delays Handout

Need Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance?

If you are already experiencing a federal tax related issue that you have been unable to resolve or if you are experiencing or about to experience a financial hardship because of an IRS action, then use our new Can TAS help me with my tax issue? tool, join one of our local Problem Solving Day events, or visit our Contact Us page.

State event dates & location information

View the state links to see more details on events near you!

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