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Tax Software

Software used by taxpayers to prepare and file returns either by mail or electronically.

Taxpayer Agrees With Proposed Changes

A taxpayer has signed the examination report in agreement with proposed examination changes.

Taxpayer Calls IRS to Discuss Collection Alternatives

A taxpayer and the IRS discuss options to pay a tax debt.

Taxpayer Disagrees With Assessed Amount

A notice is sent to the taxpayer about changes on a return due to an audit or IRS-created return that the taxpayer does not agree with.

Taxpayer Does Not Petition Tax Court Hearing

A taxpayer has not petitioned the U.S. Tax Court in dispute of proposed IRS adjustments to their return.

Taxpayer Does Not Respond

A taxpayer does not respond or sign the examination report in agreement with examination changes.

Taxpayer Estimates Tax Due and Submits Payment

Taxpayers estimate what they owe when filing an extension and submit payment.

Taxpayer Files Collection Due Process (CDP) Hearing Request Within 30 Days of CDP Notice

Available for Collection Cases, taxpayers can petition Tax Court if they disagree with the Appeals decision.

Taxpayer Files Complaint in Court

A taxpayer pays the tax and seeks a refund in Federal Court.

Taxpayer Files Extension for More Time

If taxpayers cannot file by the due date of the return, they can request an extension of time to file on an IRS tax form.

Taxpayer Files Petition Within 30 Lawsuit submitted by the IRS to encourage a person Days of Collection Due Process CDP Determination Letter

Action that allows a taxpayer the opportunity to appeal the collection action and continue to Tax Court if the taxpayer disagrees with the Appeals decision.

Taxpayer Files Tax Court Petition

Tax Court will review the Appeals decision.

Taxpayer Pays Taxes

The examination is concluded, the taxpayer chooses to pay, or make arrangements to pay, balance due.

Taxpayer Protests 30 Day Letter

A taxpayer’s written response detailing the reason they do not agree to the audit adjustment and requests the case move to Appeals.

Taxpayer Provides Documentation or Requested Information

A taxpayer provides documents requested either before or during the examination to support amounts on tax return.

Taxpayer Requests Audit Reconsideration

Process used by the IRS when the taxpayer disagrees with the results of an audit of a tax return; taxpayers can request an audit reconsideration when the balance due from the audit remains unpaid.

Taxpayer Requests Refund

A taxpayer requests refund/abatement of interest, penalties, overpaid tax, and/or additional tax.

Taxpayer Seeks Answers to Tax Questions

A taxpayer uses one of the multiple options available to them to try to find answers to their tax questions.

Taxpayer Timely Files a Request for Refund

A taxpayer, who disagrees with the examination changes and paid the tax due, requests a refund.