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The Small Business Health Care Tax Credit

- Estimator

Your Credit

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Your Estimated Credit - :

Why is this just an estimate?

The credit provided above is based on the information you entered into the calculator. We cannot guarantee the amount without a complete review of your situation, which is beyond the scope of this tool.

Your FTEs:
Your average annual wages:
Your share of the premiums (including the portion paid by state subsidies and tax credits):
Estimate of the amount you would have paid if your employees' cost of coverage equaled the state average:
Your maximum credit: of the smaller of your share or what you would have paid:
FTE phaseout:
Average annual wage phaseout:
Credit after phaseouts:
Your out of pocket share of premiums (not including state subsidies and tax credits):
Your credit after state subsidies and tax credits limitation:
For tax-exempt employers, your total payroll taxes (zero otherwise):
Your credit (rounded to nearest $10):

To claim the credit:

You must use Form 8941, Credit for Small Employer Health Insurance Premiums, to calculate the credit. If you're a small business, include the amount as part of the general business credit on your income tax return.

If you're a tax-exempt organization, include the amount on line 44f of the Form 990-T, Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return. You must file the Form 990-T to claim the credit, even if you don't ordinarily do so.

If you are a small business employer you may be able to carry the credit back or forward. If you are a tax-exempt employer, you may be eligible for a refundable credit.