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The Small Business Health Care Tax Credit


Information on Insurance Plans

We need to know:

  • In which states the plans are offered,
  • What plans you offer (their names),
  • What they charge for each tier of coverage,
  • How much you pay toward the cost of coverage (whether as a percent of the total or a dollar amount) per employee, and
  • How many of your employees are enrolled in each tier.


We need to know in which state each plan is offered because your credit may be limited if the plan you offer is more expensive than the state average cost for the same tier of coverage (the average in each state is different).

We need the names the plans to identify them.

We need to know what they charge for each tier of coverage to check it against your share of the premiums.

We need to know how much you pay toward the coverage to estimate whether you meet the uniformity requirements and to estimate your credit.

We need to know the number of enrolled employees to estimate your credit.