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Tax Reform Suggestions

The time for tax reform is now!

To help this dialogue along, the Taxpayer Advocate Service has established a vehicle to receive taxpayers’ suggestions about tax reform. We ask that you approach this with the frame of mind that everything – even the tax breaks that benefit you or your businesses personally – should be on the table. What would you be willing to give up if you knew that others are giving up their breaks and the end result would be a much simpler system? What particular provisions of the existing tax system are especially burdensome or seem particularly unfair? So, let us know. We promise to track these suggestions and post them periodically, thereby helping to further the cause of tax reform and tax simplification.

Tax complexity doesn’t occur just because of “big money” special interests. It occurs because of the tax provisions that benefit each one of us. We are the special interests. And until we acknowledge that, tax reform discussions will deteriorate into shouting matches and finger pointing about cutting “their” special tax breaks and not “ours.” What would you give up in exchange for a simpler tax system?

“This year’s report is dedicated to the hardy souls who have worked actively over the years for tax reform and tax simplification, and to the busy majority of U.S. taxpayers who are cheering for them to succeed.”
Nina E. Olson, National Taxpayer Advocate

Nina E. Olson
National Taxpayer Advocate
2010 Annual Report to Congress
Dialogue for Reform

We are interested in receiving your suggestions on how to reform the tax system.

The Taxpayer Advocate Service will not respond directly to your suggestions. Your suggestions are compiled and reviewed by the National Taxpayer Advocate. You will not receive an individual response. If you're experiencing a tax problem with the IRS and haven't been able to resolve it yourself, please visit or call TAS at (877) 777-4778. If you have questions about your taxes, please contact the IRS at (800) 829-1040.

Note: To protect your privacy, please do NOT include any confidential information, such as your Social Security number!

If you have an individual problem or need help, visit

If you experience difficulty with this form, please submit your suggestions to


The National Taxpayer Advocate first began soliciting tax reform suggestions in her 2010 Annual Report to Congress. She continues to view the complexity of the tax code as the most serious problem facing taxpayers. Read about her continued calls for tax reform in her 2012 Annual Report to Congress.


To further the dialogue about tax reform, TAS has established a vehicle to receive taxpayers’ suggestions for tax reform.


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