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Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) case advocates assist taxpayers in every state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and at each IRS campus. Although TAS is independent within the IRS, our advocates know how to work with the IRS to get your problems resolved. Qualifying taxpayers will receive personalized service from a knowledgeable advocate who will:

  • Listen to their problems,
  • Help them understand what needs to be done to resolve the problems, and
  • Stay with them every step of the way until the problems are resolved.

Below are some fast facts about TAS case advocacy:

  • TAS received nearly 245,000 new cases in fiscal year 2013 and provided relief to the taxpayers in almost 79 percent of them.
  • More than 60% of these taxpayers were going through financial difficulties because of their tax problems.
  • Again in 2013, identity theft was the single most common issue in TAS case receipts.
  • The National Taxpayer Advocate discusses ID theft and other serious taxpayer problems in the Annual Report to Congress.

By the Numbers
The top 10 issues in TAS case inventory for fiscal year 2013:

Rank  Issue Description  FY 2012  FY 2013
1 Identity Theft  54,748   57,929 
2 Pre-Refund Wage Verification Hold 18,012   26,136 
3 Unpostable and Rejected Returns  5,286   17,045 
4 Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)  7,441   11,980 
5 Processing Amended Return  8,783   10,441 
6 Levies (including Federal Payment Levy Program)  11,419   8,829 
7 Processing Original Return  6,250   8,714 
8 Injured Spouse Claim  4,115   8,021 
9 Reconsideration of Audits and Substitute for Return under IRC 6020(b)  9,344   7,527 
10 Open Audit (Not EITC)  8,885   6,734 
Other TAS Receipts 85,383  81,600 
Total TAS Receipts 219,666  244,956 




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